Is it really so difficult?

"I know I got really, really angry.  And I kinda feel bad about that.  But they really, really pissed me off!  And I was justified to get angry -- I really was justified!  *hands on hips for emphasis*  I don't think I should have to apologize.  Well, I'll just get them a small gift instead.... Continue Reading →

Blog: “In The Parlor”

I've been on the hunt for blogs and websites to follow.  A friend from Baylor posted this article on her FB page, and I just had to link it through.  The blog is "In The Parlor".  We're getting all mired in the details of condemnation .  Yes, we must speak our truth as I stated... Continue Reading →

I See What You Did There

I saw a couple of interviews from Phil on Duck Dynasty.  These interviews were done a while back, but he has a very good take on what's going on with the media and its twisting of reality.  Phil ain't no redneck dummy!  Click the link here and have a look.  I also posted my comment... Continue Reading →


I wonder... Why don't we sneeze in our sleep? We yawn.  We poot.  We scratch.  We talk.  We move.  Some walk.  Some eat. But we don't sneeze. Curious.

A Murder of Crows

* This is a not cohesive post!  It started out with a singular thought, and morphed into a mass of opinions and responses.  But I will leave it as it is without editing, a jumbled mass, and let you sift through it.  🙂 * I have been following the Duck Dynasty, much like many others,... Continue Reading →

Le’go my ego!

I read a thoughtful article over on a blog I follow called Facebook Apostles.  The article helped briefly to define our motivation for serving:  ego or calling.  I was struck by the last bullet point:  "Ego wants to preserve the self.  Calling wants to impact others."  I am discovering this difference for myself now.  Ego... Continue Reading →

Nashotah House

Today is a brilliant day!  I have been formally accepted into graduate school at Nashotah House Theological Seminary!  I truly don't know how I got here, nor do I know how it will all go from here forward.  But for right now I want to bask in the joy and the fear!  This picture was... Continue Reading →

Make a Wish

Tuesday, December 10th, was my birthday, and it was a wonderful day!  From dawn to dusk!  I was reminded of amazing aspects of my life that I am ever-so-grateful for.  I have loving and kind parents who have supported and encouraged me and allow me to be me.  I have the world's best cousin who... Continue Reading →

Entropic Deterioration

Merriam-Webster:  entropy -- a degradation or running down or a trend to disorder. Chaos is a living, breathing, viable being hell-bent on one purpose:  to devour, to consume, to obliterate. We arise in the morning facing a new dawn, a fresh chance, a blank slate.  Clear.  Barrier-less.  Free. Smoke creeps along the edges of the... Continue Reading →

Wisdom Denied

It's -19 degrees in Billings, MT, today.  I went outside to shovel a small patch of frozen ground out of the ice and snow for my long-hair dachshund to potty.  As soon as I stepped outside and I breathed the ice-crystal-saturated air, my nose hairs bristled and my eyes stung. It.  Is.  Cold. And my... Continue Reading →


 When we get caught doing something wrong, whether is it secretly snatching a cookie, gossiping about someone, or cheating on a loved one, why are we sorry? Are we sorry because (1) we committed the wrong in the first place?  Or, are we sorry that (2) we committed the wrong, got caught, and ultimately hurt... Continue Reading →

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