A Murder of Crows

* This is a not cohesive post!  It started out with a singular thought, and morphed into a mass of opinions and responses.  But I will leave it as it is without editing, a jumbled mass, and let you sift through it.  🙂 *

I have been following the Duck Dynasty, much like many others, through Facebook alone as my news feed has virtually exploded!  All I see on my phone or laptop screen is facial hair and camo!  It’s been interesting these past years to see a bunch of redneck Cajuns get so much press and quite a following when they’re just doing what they do.   There’s no affectation.  No airs.  No arrogance.  No treading lightly by how they treat one another.  If one is lazy, another will call him out on his crap and move on.  Case closed.   Call a spade a spade.  I appreciate the honesty.  There’s no hem-hawing around.  It’s refreshing.  I love that I’m from the South!

As you know, I also follow several other blogs and online periodicals.  One in particular is Christianity Today.  I read the article from yesterday, December 20, and was struck not by the article itself but by two comments within the article.  One comment by a David Mathis is that the opinions of Phil Robertson “is not a fight that conservative evangelicals should flock to” and “This is a silly show that, while genuinely entertaining, is doing just as much to marginalize Christians as backwater as it is getting the name of Jesus on television — as if that was ever the tip of the spear for the Great Commission, anyway.”

He’s a moron!  And judging by this brief response included in CT, he’s lazy as well!

Yes, we have to pick our battles.  But if we never draw a line in the sand, how will anyone know what we believe and where our boundaries are?  We won’t all agree.  I don’t think we are supposed to agree.  There are too many of us.  We’ll never have peace.  If a brother and sister who come from the same DNA from the same mother and same father bicker and fight and scrap and argue and taunt and scream and hit and spit, how can you expect two different people from opposite sides of the planet with different beliefs and different culture and different motivations and different priorities and different resources actually get along???  Really??!!  This world is a swirling mass of goodness and crap and how we ever manage to maintain consistent joy and serenity is sometimes baffling.  But we have to choose.  Choose with respect.  Search ourselves and find what is truth for us.  And stick by it.

And if we never stand up for the “small things” and gain momentum in our beliefs, then when the really big offenses come to us, we won’t have the courage or mental fortitude or cohesion to be and to remain strong.  We must speak, respectfully, but speak nonetheless.

The second point that I felt had good perspective was a comment made in response to the article by a Rick Dalbey in that GQ KNEW what they were going after, they already KNEW how he believed, and they baited him for a sound byte.  He also says, “This is the rise of the God-hating, hedonist, immoral society that 2nd Peter, Jude or Paul spoke of. This is men going after “strange flesh” inciting the wrath of God as both Jesus and Jude predicted of the end times like Sodom and Gomorrah.”  I agree, and I also believe it goes deeper than any LGBT position, for or against.  I think it goes to the core of Christian versus non-Christian.  We are Christians who believe homosexuality is right.  We are Christians who believe homosexuality is wrong.  But we are Christians.  I believe it is evil inciting to split Christians apart.  To erode us from the inside.

And evil is winning.

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