Blog: “In The Parlor”

question-marksI’ve been on the hunt for blogs and websites to follow.  A friend from Baylor posted this article on her FB page, and I just had to link it through.  The blog is “In The Parlor“.  We’re getting all mired in the details of condemnation .  Yes, we must speak our truth as I stated in an earlier post here, but we must NOT forget the reality.  And that reality is stated so well in the blog post “What You Believe…

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Author: The Rev. Janie Koch

Thoreau wanted to suck out all the marrow of life. Shakespeare reflected through Macbeth that all is shadow, that man struts and frets his hour upon the stage. Frost pondered the road he didn’t take while walking the fence line replacing fallen stones with his neighbor. I am a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma. I serve at All Saints Episcopal Church in McAlester, OK. This blog is my keepsake box of what I observe and question and craft as I walk my path. Thanks for stopping by.

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