Skeezer wants an Abe of Kibbles and Bits

Are you addicted to religion? As some may know, I have become disillusioned (Ha! interesting word considering what I'm about to say...) with evangelical, emotion-laden, mega church environments that seem to be taking over the Christian world in these last several years.  I do not agree with a church environment that attempts to illicit an... Continue Reading →

Hangover from Superstition?

  In the next chapters of McGrath’s Christian Theology, he covers substantial topics including salvation, sin, grace, and predestination. While McGrath does not focus on political or sociological concerns, historical events appear as an underlying thread influencing soteriology in this chapter.  He explores Kahler’s idea regarding the role that Christ plays in salvation.  Did Jesus... Continue Reading →

Down with Enlightenment!

Alister McGrath, in his Christian Theology, spent the last two chapters discussing the doctrine of God and of the Holy Spirit.  It stands to reason that his next chapters discuss the doctrine of Christ and Christ in history. Christology, the doctrine of the person of Christ, seeks to understand what Christ reveals in an historical... Continue Reading →

Daughter of the House

"Bless, O Lord, this House, set apart to the glory of thy great name and the benefit of thy Holy Church; and grant that thy Name may be worshipped here in truth and purity to all generations.  Give thy grace and wisdom to all the authorities, that they may exercise holy discipline, and be themselves... Continue Reading →

Where Are You Going?

"Donald Miller" This name has spawned a bit of backlash recently.  Why?  He wrote a blog post about why he doesn't attend church much, if at all, anymore. I read his original post here. I then read his follow-up post here. I then read some responses to is blog here ... and here ... and here ... and... Continue Reading →

“And Job died, an old man, and full of days.”

My Systematic Theology class had an online discussion thread going last week regarding the reading for Alister McGrath's Christian Theology.  The thread began with a question of natural catastrophes on the planet and where God is (if anywhere) in that event.  McGrath speaks of "influence and persuasion" regarding God's nudging man to righteousness.  Numerous examples... Continue Reading →

I’m Liking This Guy

I've been following a pastor out of Canada on his blog for a while now.  Carey Nieuwhof.  He makes excellent points regarding church growth, connecting with one another, how to look at your church without a filter, (more importantly?) how to look at yourself without a filter, and so much more.  What he says, though,... Continue Reading →

Can You Say That a Bit Slower This Time

Two chapters from Alister McGrath’s Christian Theology: An Introduction focuses on the doctrines of God and of the Trinity. The first concern addressed is the doctrine of God.  McGrath offers the minor theory that God might not be male and quickly moves forward.  He identifies the “personhood” of God through such philosophers as Tertullian, Spinoza,... Continue Reading →

Water & Spirit

Abstract: The project will reveal the significance of the sacrament of baptism in the work of the church, both regarding the baptismal candidate as well as the catholic church.  Jewish history reveals purification ceremonies that, with the baptism of Jesus, have marked a critical moment of the believer in a bath of both water and... Continue Reading →

Watch out

Continuing with Allen’s and Springsted’s Philosophy for Understanding Theology, the last two chapters discuss the issues within postmodern philosophy as well as its ethical concerns. A working definition of “postmodern” cannot be framed without first a foundation of what “modern” philosophy is.  Modern philosophy must be objective and universal, and it must have guidelines defining... Continue Reading →

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