I’m Liking This Guy


I’ve been following a pastor out of Canada on his blog for a while now.  Carey Nieuwhof.  He makes excellent points regarding church growth, connecting with one another, how to look at your church without a filter, (more importantly?) how to look at yourself without a filter, and so much more.  What he says, though, resonates with me.  His posts are brief, numbered, and direct.  He admits that he fights burnout.  He admits there are people he simply doesn’t like.  He admits that he can get fired up about a project that the congregation just may not be ready for.  He’s honest.  And he has a home life…he has a life outside of his church.  Church doesn’t define him.  It’s where he shares himself, his passion, his awareness and knowledge.  It’s not all about him, but he is certainly a part of the whole.  I like that.  And I thought I would share one of his blogs about discipleship in the church…in some denominations we call it Christian formation, but the concept is the same:  raising, guiding, teaching, growing people in and for Christ.  Formation doesn’t just happen with confirmation classes or when the individual is young.  There are people who are in their 50s and 60s and have been Christians and in the church all their lives, and they NEEEEED formation.  Carey’s blog hits the marks of discipleship with #3 being a biggie for me.  Click the link and check it out!

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