Jesus is Not my Homeboy!


I don’t consider Jesus as my friend.

What?!  You don’t??  Well, that’s just crazy talk!

No, not really.  Let me explain…   I have many people in my life who have been very dear and precious friends.  Ones who fulfilled the description of “friend” of Marlene Dietrich, “It’s the friends you could call at 4am that matter.”  These are friends, and there are but a few, who have been with me – if not physically then in thought – for many years.  And then there are dozens and dozens who have come in and out of my life.  Ones who just drifted away and ones I intentionally pushed off the ledge.

It’s this latter group of “friends” that I am using when I think of Jesus.  I don’t think of Christ as that type of friend:  the fair-weather friend.  Quite the contrary!  But if I call Him my “friend,” He inherently assumes both definitions of friend:  the loyal, tried-and-true, through-thick-and-thin-to-the-bitter-end type of friend AS WELL AS that fly-by-night kind.

Christ is not someone I want to turn my back on.  And I’ve turned my back on some friends.  I’ve unfriended friends on Facebook because I just didn’t want their *insert any adjective here* comments popping up on my feed or on my posts.  And some friends and I just parted and went separate ways.

No, that’s not how I think of Christ.  So I have a difficult time calling him my friend because I don’t want to think of Him as the latter type of person in my life.

Until my thinking changes, I’ll just keep my friends as friends and keep Christ as everything else.

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