What I Heard from the Pulpit…

Don’t get tripped up on the piddly things that you lose sight of the deeper issues.

In Sunday’s sermon, Fr. John referenced the Gospel text in which the Canaanite woman went to Jesus and asked for help for her demon-possessed daughter.  The disciples got angry, however, and urged Jesus to get rid of her:  she was a Canaanite and she was female…a double whammy.  

While Fr. John spoke of the banter between Jesus and the woman, I heard something quite distinct.  We are to look at one another as imago Dei, the image of God.  The neighbor who never rakes his leaves, and so you think your yard looks ugly because he’s “lazy.”  The co-worker who never shuts up, who has a comment on every little thing that happens whether she is involved or not.  The mother-in-law who always has a story that’s worse that yours, or better than yours, who is always trying to “one up” you, and it’s just so stinking annoying.

They are the image of Jesus.

Fr. Seraphim Rose said, “Don’t criticize or judge other people — regard everyone else as an angel, justify their mistakes and weaknesses, and condem only yourself as the worst sinner.  This is step one in any kind of spiritual life.”

No matter what you think of them or how you feel about them, they are the image of Jesus.

Think we don’t have hate for others, or animosity, or disgust, or frustration??  Scroll through the Facebook feed.  How many rants are posted spewing vile filth and disgust in the political arena?  How many soapboxes have been climbed on in the name of a personal agenda?

Is Facebook or Instagram or any other social media outlet that’s popular right now give the true testimony of what is in the heart?

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