Sermon Seeds: Nov 1, 2020

Lectionary Reading for Sunday, November 1, 2020

We celebrate All Saints Day remembering all those mighty prayer warriors and giants in the faith who have gone before us. As we pause for a moment a reflect on their lives, I pray that we dig deeply into what characteristics of their lives strikes us.

Was it the determination of Saint Teresa of Avila? The passionate patience of Padre Pio? The strength of Saint Stephen? The wisdom and humility of Julian of Norwich?

When we think of the Saints, let’s turn our attention to the passage of the Gospel reading, the Beatitudes. Rather than those statements being markers where we fail, those passages should be beacons of hope that offer grace and light to us as we journey through our world.

Be encouraged, my friends! Many have struggled to pave the paths we walk now…and we celebrate their triumph. In turn, as we struggle in faith and prayer, may those who come after us celebrate the hope and glory that we all will cherish as we praise our Heavenly Father some day!


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