There is Peace in Patterns

I have the immense honor of writing for The Ambrose Institute, a spiritual formation  and congregational development program through Nashotah House Theological Seminary. This is my latest article written for Formatio, the online journal of Ambrose.  Just click the links and see the amazing work they do to form and encourage the Body of Christ!

Summer Camp was SOOOO Long Ago!

Why is it so difficult to rouse children from their beds during the year for school, yet they spring out of bed and dash outside quicker than you can say “Jack Sprat” during the summer months?  There is an enthusiasm for summer:  freedom!  New adventures to be had, vacations to take, visits with grandparents, playing... Continue Reading →

Without Ceasing…

The Angelus tolls in the crisp air, and I am reminded of the gift of God bestowed to the Virgin Mary.   As the bell continues its patterned ring, I speak my prayers and offer my heart to the Lord.  May this pause offer an opportunity to be mindful of Christ in my life and... Continue Reading →

Where Are You Going?

"Donald Miller" This name has spawned a bit of backlash recently.  Why?  He wrote a blog post about why he doesn't attend church much, if at all, anymore. I read his original post here. I then read his follow-up post here. I then read some responses to is blog here ... and here ... and here ... and... Continue Reading →

I’m Liking This Guy

I've been following a pastor out of Canada on his blog for a while now.  Carey Nieuwhof.  He makes excellent points regarding church growth, connecting with one another, how to look at your church without a filter, (more importantly?) how to look at yourself without a filter, and so much more.  What he says, though,... Continue Reading →

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