There is Peace in Patterns

I have the immense honor of writing for The Ambrose Institute, a spiritual formation  and congregational development program through Nashotah House Theological Seminary. This is my latest article written for Formatio, the online journal of Ambrose.  Just click the links and see the amazing work they do to form and encourage the Body of Christ!

Last McGrath and a Smidge of Eschatology

In completion of McGrath’s Christian Theology, he discusses the doctrine of the church and the sacraments, Christianity against the backdrop of world religions, and eschatology. First, McGrath presents the populations of the church through the ages.  Isidore states the church is “‘the assembly of saints joined together by correct faith and an excellent manner of... Continue Reading →

Down with Enlightenment!

Alister McGrath, in his Christian Theology, spent the last two chapters discussing the doctrine of God and of the Holy Spirit.  It stands to reason that his next chapters discuss the doctrine of Christ and Christ in history. Christology, the doctrine of the person of Christ, seeks to understand what Christ reveals in an historical... Continue Reading →

Daughter of the House

"Bless, O Lord, this House, set apart to the glory of thy great name and the benefit of thy Holy Church; and grant that thy Name may be worshipped here in truth and purity to all generations.  Give thy grace and wisdom to all the authorities, that they may exercise holy discipline, and be themselves... Continue Reading →

Water & Spirit

Abstract: The project will reveal the significance of the sacrament of baptism in the work of the church, both regarding the baptismal candidate as well as the catholic church.  Jewish history reveals purification ceremonies that, with the baptism of Jesus, have marked a critical moment of the believer in a bath of both water and... Continue Reading →

*insert chuckle*

"Theology is the science of faith.  It is the conscious and methodical explanation and explication of the divine revelation received and grasped in faith." ~~Karl Rahner

Just Under the Wire!

In Allen’s and Springsted’s Philosophy for Understanding Theology, chapters 7 through 11 builds upon the established philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, and Barth.  They move to modern philosophies as methods for understanding how man assesses his relationship to The Divine. The authors illustrate in the seventh chapter through several approaches:  moderate realism, humanism, hierarchical methodology,... Continue Reading →

BCP 299

Philosophical, ecumenical, and liturgical roles on the holy sacrament of baptism; or how the church fails the church.

Fill ‘er up!

"Fill me with your Holy Spirit."  "Make me more like you."  "Show me your way." These are all phrases that I've said in my life at some point or another.  Heartfelt.  Impassioned.  Sincere. But these are inaccurate. In order to be like Christ, the divine, I must be empty.  Void.  Bare.  Nothing. If I ask... Continue Reading →


It's Tuesday, right?  My mind is a jumbled mess!  Dimensions of theological study.  Sacred theology.  Natural theology.  Spiritual theology.  Philosophical theology.  Nothing moves outside of God = unmoved mover >>> Aristotle.  Recidivism vs. Relativism.  Fukuyama.  Adler.  Barth.  Solzhenitsyn.  Nietzsche.  Aquinas.  Lewis.  Pannenberg.  Jungel.  Plato.  The "mystery" of faith.  Wisdom of God (Truth).  Holiness of God... Continue Reading →

Nashotah House

Alabaster trees huddled as sentinels, guarding the quietly powerful spirit within.  The silent soldiers give way to fields of pristine banks of snow.  Untrodden by neither human nor animal foot.  Nestled amongst the drifts are stone edifices blanketed with white cottony snow.  Purity.  Knowledge.  Answers.  Definition.

Nashotah House

Today is a brilliant day!  I have been formally accepted into graduate school at Nashotah House Theological Seminary!  I truly don't know how I got here, nor do I know how it will all go from here forward.  But for right now I want to bask in the joy and the fear!  This picture was... Continue Reading →

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